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Write several behavioral objectives based on Bloom’s taxonomy.
Describe the lesson content.
Provide a sequence for teaching activities.
Describe instructional methods.
Indicate time allotted for each activity.
Identify and describe the instructional resources (materials, tools, etc.) and technology to be used.
Describe how the learning will be evaluated.
On a separate references page, cite all sources using APA format.
Teaching is basically the practice that focuses on disseminating vital specific information to various target audiences on a given topic/area of interest that a well-informed and skilled professional in the same area wishes to create awareness among different population groups. In nursing, teaching would involve informing nursing students and working health professionals on different areas of health which are pivotal in the improvement and sustenance of patient outcomes and quality care respectively (McElwaine et al., 2013). Therefore, the project in this study would involve engaging in teaching practice within nursing in order to elevate their knowledge and competence in delivering the various healthcare services. As the first part of the project implementation phase, this paper will focus on providing an introduction of the entire teaching project in details, as well as constructing a relevant topic on a specific disease that the teaching personnel would like to conduct a lesson on it.
Title of the Lesson
The title that would best fit this teaching lesson would be “promoting preventive care for cancer.” The teaching project title would be promoting preventive care for cancer among the different human populations across the globe.
Identifying and Describing the Learners
Based on the project title constructed above, the topic disease is a common illness that has affected majority of the modern world populations. This is because it is a killer disease that is caused by lifestyle patterns exhibited by different individuals, especially in the wealthier families and communities. Therefore, the learners for this lesson would be existing nursing personnel, the general public populations, and nursing course students. The fact that cancer is a killer disease that affects all ages in world populations; this induces the notion that all people would be suitable learners in this lesson title. The general public is the first lot of learners that is largely featured in this lesson for they are the people who lack the knowledge about the best health practices they could uphold in order to protect their health from contracting cancers or any other disease. Thus, they need to be informed through this teaching lesson about the various practices they could exercise in order to shape their lifestyles in a way that protects them from contracting cancer. The second learners’ group is the nursing student and here, the project would include them for they need to be informed on the various health efforts they could practically enforce in order to initiate and sustain preventive care for cancer. Considering that this group is regarded as the future nursing practice generation, they are expected to uphold nursing standards by providing proactive care measures and this include preventive care. Hence, it would be paramount if the nursing students were involved as learners in this project lesson. Finally, the existing nursing personnel need to be involved in the lesson for them to be able to refresh or retrain on their skills as a way of honing them. Thus, involving them in the lesson would be rationale since they not only could retrain, but even gain newer knowledge on cancer prevention care.
Educational Setting for the Project
The project would envision a setting that promotes staff development by planning on informational gap existing on the topic disease and gathering intelligence through medical research so as to provide knowledge on how to deliver an evidence-based prevention care practice on cancer. The project implementer would be obligated to make the teaching lesson open for question and answer session which allows patient education to prevail since they would enquirer and get feedback on the same health-related questions. This in turn enables them to gain new knowledge on how they can improve their health. Still on health education, family education would be gained in the lesson by ensuring the setting factors family health issues in the learning experience.
Learner Assessment
The lesson would have to assess the educational level of learners in order to ascertain on which teaching plan would be compatible with their IQ capacity. This would be achieved through setting educational qualification requirement for learners to be enrolled in the lesson plan. In assessing the developmental level, the lesson planners would have to conduct a survey on the learners’ personal health statuses and ascertain on the stage they have reached, prior to the teaching lesson. In order to ensure that learners are ready to engage in a learning experience, the assessment would focus on establishing their attentiveness, commitment, and participation in the lesson, which can be measured through their desires to ask and answer various health related questions (Sherban, 2015).
Purpose and Rationale for Selecting the Topic Disease; Preventive Care for Cancer
The topic disease selected for this teaching lesson in nursing practice is promoting preventive care for cancer. The compelling force or reason as to why one would select this topic disease is that it is one of the modern world killer diseases that many of the individuals have no idea as to what factors causes them. Therefore, choosing this topic disease would ensure that the general public has been well informed about the lifestyle practices that lead to contraction of cancer. The main purpose as to why the topic disease has been selected is that the nursing practice wants to ensure the future health of the citizens is secured by enhancing on the medical efforts put in for preventive care on cancer. Also, the topic has been identified purposely to help educate patients and practitioners on the essence of believing and exercising proactive health measures through prevention care, instead of incurring a lot of charges through reactive responses to health issues which have already affected a given population to a larger extent.

Philosophical Basis for Teaching Approaches used in the Lesson
Firstly, the teaching approaches used in the lesson are patient-focused and nurse-focused approaches. The former one majors in full coverage of patients’ needs in order to improve on patient outcomes and safety, while the later one focuses on practitioners working progress and performance levels in order to ensure that they are working up to their potential (Mayhew, 2012). The philosophy beneath which the approaches of this lesson are embedded and founded is “to provide quality care through application of EBP in nursing procedures/processes, while factoring the personal and professional needs of the health givers.”
Reflecting on the topic disease, the audiences in question are three and they include the general public, existing health providers, and nursing students are the future health care givers. The disease being focused on is one and that is cancer. The lesson is trying to link these three audiences in the practice of enhancing preventive care for the same illness. For example, it would only be possible for the community, nursing students, and existing health professionals to team up and focus on changing lifestyles of different populations in order to protect them from contracting cancer. Hence, one would say these three audiences have to work as a single entity in healthcare transformation.

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