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Discuss the similarities and differences between vulnerable and underserved populations essay assignment. Identify one vulnerable or one underserved population and address at least two health problems specific to these groups. Describe two factors that contribute to the vulnerability of these population groups. Identify three (3) key informants in Sentinel City. Examples of key informants include, but are not limited to: political leaders, health care providers, service providers such as mail carrier or shop owners; and long term residents of the community, members of fire or police department. People who live or work in the community are a rich source of information regarding the community and can often provide data not found in printed form.


Your practice learning site mentor will serve as your fourth key informant. Provide a rationale for why you selected these people as key informants and include 2-3 questions you would ask all of your key informants. Include your mentors’ response to your questions. To protect your mentors’ privacy, use only their initials or professional title (i.e. school nurse).

Discuss the similarities and differences between vulnerable and underserved populations essay assignment

Go to the Scorecard-Pollution Information website and get the pollution report for your practice learning site by entering the zip code where your practice learning site is located. Based on the report, include your recommendations to the city council regarding environment health concerns and recommended resources that should be made available to address the needs of the vulnerable and underserved populations in Sentinel City. Discuss other ways the nurse can advocate for vulnerable and underserved populations.
please visit sentinel city.

Assignment 4
Return to the Simulation-Sentinel City
Please use the grading rubric to create an outline of your assignment. Each section of the rubric should be a section of your final paper and could become the headings. Your assignment will be graded based on each element of the rubric. Compare each section of your paper with the rubric to ensure all elements are covered. Then, include an introduction and conclusion to tie the paper together. If you have any questions regarding the assignment please contact your instructor using the Course Help forum.

For Assignment 4, please do the following:


Review all requirements in the left-hand column of the Assignment 4 Rubric.
Click on the Enter Sentinel City link in Module 1 and continue your Virtual Experience by taking a bus tour of Sentinel City. Since this is your fourth tour, feel free to choose any bus speed and/or get off the bus at any time to walk around.
As you take the tour, write down your observations, specifically focused on the following subsystems: communication and economics. For more information, please review the required demographics and subsystems listed in the left-hand column of the Assignment 4 Rubric.
After your tour is complete, compile your observations into a 2-4 page paper, with at least 2 scholarly references, addressing each item listed in the first column of the Assignment 4 Rubric. You are encouraged to add other relevant characteristics you observe that may not be listed in the first column.
If you have any additional questions about this, or any of the other assignments, please post a message to your Instructor in the Course Help forum at the top of the course in the Course Communications section.

Please visit Sentinel City, please follow the rubric very well with correct APA citation.

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