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Discussion 1
Give a summary of one of the ancient countries discussed in the two websites provided in the Module 1 Overview page and describe the following:

What were two major health issues for the county?
What were the differences of health access from poor to wealthy?
What other influences impacted access to health and or medical help?

More to this assignment;

what is global nursing?

nurses as global citizens

current nursing issues related to the globalization of healthcare

global perspective in nursing

demonstrate the role of the global citizen in a nursing

how does nursing practice affect global healthcare?

Discussion 2

The role of the global citizen requires an understanding of the unpredictable health care forces, ethical and legal issues, and socio-cultural sensitivity.

Reflect upon your role as a global citizen and share two examples about how your global perspective has expanded throughout your BSN journey.

Discussion 3

In Chapter 2 we reviewed the world of illnesses and practices put in place to protect the healthy rather than cure the ill. In 1730 John Gay suggested we move to being healthy and happy and away from pain and suffering. This can be seen as the starting point of changing how we think about health in civilized societies. Discuss a current medical practice or illness where these ideas still hold true. Include the following in your discussion:

Is there a practice that protects the healthy rather than cures the illness today? Describe?

Does current society still move in the pursuit of happiness? Explain.

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Assignment 1

Create a linear outline that maps an illness from date of discovery to date of cure. Include the following:
When was it first discovered
What was the first action taken
When did regulation of disease occur
Any dates of significance about the disease
Date of cure or illness under control.
In addition to the linear outline, provide a 500-750 word summary of what you learned (did anything surprise you?), including a linear chart/graph of one disease. All of these components (outline, chart/graph, and summary to be include in the paper).

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Assignment 2
In a 1,000-1,250 word paper, evaluate the following:
What was the role of charity and faith in ancient societies?
What influence did Christianity play in health in ancient societies?
What similarities or differences do charity and faith in modern world have with ancient societies?
Your paper should be in proper APA format, double-spaced and submitted as a Microsoft Word document. All sources should be cited and referenced appropriately.

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