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Discussion 1 Question 1

Analyze one type of discrimination involving staff members and/or patients.

As the Nurse Manager, how would you resolve the problem and address the participants? Include the rationale on why this is the appropriate action.

Support your discussion and opinions with facts, relevant examples from personal nursing practice, and at least two citations from the reading or peer-reviewed professional nursing literature

Nursing discussion questions : discrimination involving staff members, EBP and critical thinking, problem solving and decision making


Discussion 1 Question 2

Reflect upon how your critical thinking, problem solving and decision making have impacted your role as a current or future nurse leader.

Provide examples of how you role modeled effective communication. To illustrate the way you have incorporated these concepts into your role as a nurse leader, synthesize your reflections, and post a 250-word essay in the DF proposing or explaining when you used best practices in effective change initiatives, conflict resolution, and promotion of cultural sensitivity in the workplace.

Discussion 2 Question 1
Evidence-based practice (EBP) is crucial to enhance best practices, yet barriers to practice integration continue to persist despite reported effectiveness. As a current or future nurse leader, reflect upon the two strategies you would employ to integrate and implement EBP in your workplace.

Journal Activity 1
Create a Word document that will be used for your Journal Activities. You will add to this Journal document each week, and submit the file for a grade in Module 8. Be sure your Journal entries are dated.

For your first Journal Entry, you will:

Reflect on your thoughts about how you have integrated the concepts of management and leadership that informed your role as a current or future nurse leader.

How has it provided you with the opportunity to develop and enhance your role in multidisciplinary teams, and what have you gained from this experience? These are your thoughts – there is no need for citations/references unless you use a scholarly source.

Sample verbiage to assist in consolidating or categorizing themes in journal entries:

What thoughts and feelings are recorded in my journal?
Which thoughts and feelings are similar?
What can I identify as my subjective I’s?
What are the implications of my subjective I’s?
Journal entries will be graded at the end of the course using the rubric below. Complete each reflection during the appropriate week to stay current and reflect on the learning.

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