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Exam Results: Scenario 2 Mr. HN, 65 years old male.Vital signs: Temperature: 97.9 oral Respiratory rate: 32, labored Heart rate: 112, tachycardic BP right arm: 148/88 Oxygen saturation: 90% on room air Weight: 210 lbs, stable Skin: Cool, diaphoretic Thorax and lungs: Thorax symmetrical; diminished breath sounds right middle and lower lobes; no rales, rhonchi, or wheezes; breath sounds vesicular with no adventitious sounds left lung Cardiovascular: Heart rate is irregular with good S1, S2; no S3 or S4; no murmur Abdomen: Protuberant with normoactive bowel sounds auscultated x4 quadrants Peripheral vascular: Right calf with 2+ edema, erythema; warmth and tenderness on palpation noted; left lower extremity without edema or erythema; 2+ dorsalis pedis pulses bilaterally Neurologic: Anxious; awake, alert, and oriented to person, place, and time
• Review this week\’s Learning Resources and consider the insights they provide.
• Consider what history would be necessary to collect from the patient.
• Consider what physical exams and diagnostic tests would be appropriate to gather more information about the patient\’s condition. How would the results be used to make a diagnosis?
• Identify at least five possible conditions that may be considered in a differential diagnosis for the patient.
• Diagnostic text and lab work for DVT
• evaluate abnormal findings in the area of the chest and lungs. In addition, you will appraise health assessment techniques and diagnoses for the heart, lungs, and peripheral vascular system

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