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Case study: Ethical considerations relating to mandatory reporting essay assignment;

Ethics Case;
You are a family nurse practitioner working in a primary care clinic. You work with 2 physicians and another nurse practitioner. A mother brings in her son, Drew, who is 3 years old. Mom noticed this morning that he isn’t using his left arm and that it seems swollen. Drew’s mom states he fell off the swing set last night when he was outside with his sister. She put ice on it and put him to bed because he didn’t seem to be too bothered by it. After examining Drew, you order an x-ray of his left arm and shoulder to determine if there is a fracture present. The radiology report reveals a left supracondylar fracture as well as signs of two healed fractures. The radiologist is concerned that this may be a sign of abuse and asks if the child has a history of fractures. You don’t believe he does; however, you check his record to be certain. There is no record of a previous fracture and the mother denies this as well. You meet with Dr. Noland to discuss the radiologist’s concerns. Dr. Noland states that he has known the family for years and doesn’t see any reason to look further into the situation. You don’t have as much knowledge about the child’s family and are unsure how to proceed.

1. How should you proceed in this situation, with the knowledge that Dr. Noland is your employee and collaborating physician?
2. What are the legal considerations in this case regarding mandatory reporting?

State what ethical principles are involved in this scenario.

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