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A professional Presence
1 discuss the difference between two models of health and healing, physical body, body-mind, body mind/ biopsychosocial
analyze the difference between one of the models discussed in part A1 and your professional presence..like current beliefs, attitudes and actions regarding health and healing
1 Discuss how ur professional presence(mindful or distracted influences your nursing practice.
submit results from the Keirsey Temperament personality test
2 Analyze your test results including areas that may or may not align with how you view your self
evaluate how preferences identified by the test align with your relationships favorite activities and career choices
discuss two potential challenges or barriers, like barriers in communication…decision making) that could be minimized by your enhanced self-awareness when working with opposite personality types.

C Mindfulness Practice
1 Develop a mindfulness practice plan consistent with your interests, goals, and beliefs by doing the following:
a Create two specific goals for each of the four Aspects of your whole person(physical, vital? rhythmic, mental? emotional, and biographical/spiritual body) to maintain balance
d Discuss how you will achieve each of the goals created in part C1a, including how you will adjust to the changing of your whole person
D.healling Environments
1. analyze two optimal healing environments in healthcare(healthcare facilities that provide direct patient care) to identify the elements of internal, interpersonal, behavioral and external environments.
2. Discuss how you intend to apply self-awareness and insights gained from part D1to promote professional presence in your current healthcare settings.

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