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Application of Borrowed Theory to Problem and Conclusion

In this assignment, you will explore and apply borrowed theory to solve the specific problem nursing burnout, and you will synthesize the applications of the middle-range theory and the borrowed theory into the most appropriate solution to the problem. DIRECTIONS: Consider the problem of nursing burnout. Write a paper (1,750

Addressing Barriers to Effective Communication

To begin; Reflect on an incident involving ineffective communication within your organization or another health care setting. Consider this incident through the lens of the communication process. What barriers contributed to this incident? What other challenges may have influenced this situation? Consider what could have been done to prevent or

The Distinction Between Leadership and Management

To begin; Reflect on how the roles of management and leadership differ in supporting the organization to set and achieve goals. Drawing upon specific examples from a current or previous practice setting, bring to mind someone who seemed to be a leader but not a manager and someone who seemed

PHARM NURS 6521 Assignment on Diabetes and Drug Treatments

PHARM NURS 6521 Assignment on Diabetes and Drug Treatments writing help Diabetes is an endocrine system disorder that affects millions of children and adults (ADA, 2011). If left untreated, diabetic patients are at risk for several alterations including heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, neuropathy, and blindness. There are various methods

Social exchange theory

The influence of consequential ethics as an ethical framework (the greatest good for the greatest number) opposes the ethical principle of deontology (i.e., the rightness of an act itself determines what is right). Both of these impact the nursing profession. Modern social exchange theories are based on the principle of

Scripted Dialouge for CHF Patient

Utilizing the information learned from the home visit, health histories, and discharge orders, write a scripted dialogue in which you provide Sallie Mae with education that describes her problems and the interventions identified to improve her condition. Consider Sallie Mae\’s physiological, psychosocial, educational, and spiritual needs when developing your dialogue.

VARK Questionnaire Analysis

The VARK Questionnaire Click \”OK\” to receive your questionnaire scores. Once you have determined your preferred learning style, review the corresponding link to view your learning preference. Review the other learning styles: visual, aural, read/write, kinesthetic, and multimodal (listed on the VARK Questionnaire Results page). Compare your preferred learning strategies


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