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Advanced Practice Role in Nursing

Overview/Description: The final assignment will synthesize what you have discovered about the different advanced practice roles and scope of practice found in the master of the nursing curriculum: NP, nurse educator, nurse informaticist, and nurse administrator. You will review all roles and then examine the specialty for which you were

Role Differentiation in Nursing

In nursing, there are several paths that lead to obtaining a license and becoming a member of the profession. In this class, some of you are LVN/LPNs who will take the NCLEX-RN licensing examination following completion of this course. Others have already obtained a license as a registered nurse in

Information technology and patient assessment processes

Does information technology facilitate or hinder the practice of assessment? Explain your answer using references from the required readings or peer-reviewed professional nursing literature. Include one example from personal practice that shows how technology helped or hindered your patient assessment processes. Please support your initial discussion and opinions with at

Core Competencies In Nursing

Assignment 2: Core Competencies Each advanced care provider role has specific core competencies specific to the specialization. Following are links to websites describing core competencies that are relevant to the South University College of Nursing and Public Health advanced practice role specializations: • Indirect Care Provider Roles: o Nurse Administrator

Critical Thinking Habits of the Mind – CTHOM

You are a nurse preceptor for a new nurse to you unit. Create a scenario from your work experience and develop three questions reflecting the Critical Thinking Habits of the Mind (CTHOM) (Appendix A, pages 341- 356) that will help you to assess how your mentee is doing. Respond to

Licensing and Professional Organizations

Based on the specialty area and role that you selected in W1 Assignment 4 ( Adult Gerontology nurse practitioner), in a 3- to 5-page paper (excluding the title page, references, and appendices) create a scenario or case study to illustrate the type of organization you would expect to work in

Institute of Medicine (IOM) and Ethics

Look at the Institute of Medicine (IOM) website and click on the tab for reports. Use the search feature and look for reports and studies involved in ethics. Describe the details of the study and what it represents. What are the implications of this work for the APN? Use the

What can nurses do

Post a description of at least two challenges related to providing adequate health care in underdeveloped countries. Then, describe two strategies you might use to address those challenges, and explain why. Finally, describe one strategy nurses might use in advocating for health care at the global level, and explain why

Team thinking process

This week’s readings discuss “team thinking”. Rubenfeld & Scheffer (2010) in the 2nd edition of their book discussed Bensimon and Neumann’s eight roles that people can fulfill in team thinking to make the “team think” effective. The Eight team Thinking Roles previously identified by Bensimon and Neumann are: 1. The

How to use conflict in a positive way to promote interdisciplinary teamwork

Rubenfeld & Scheffer (2015) suggested that interdisciplinary teamwork and collaboration involves different communication styles and conflict that can negatively affect patient care practices. Previously you discussed how emotions, feelings anxiety and confidence can affect your ability to think critically. Discuss how you may be able to use conflict in a


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