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Application Of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing

7019.1.3: Community Advocacy – The graduate develops culturally sensitive and relevant strategies to advocate for populations, based on knowledge of community health systems.
7019.1.4: Community Health Promotion – The graduate proposes health promotion initiatives and services to promote disease and injury prevention.
7019.1.6: Global Health – The graduate analyzes past and present initiatives meant to improve the health of the global community.
7019.1.7: Emergency Response – The graduate plans for the preparation, response, and recovery of communities from natural and human-caused emergencies and disasters.
7019.1.9: Communicable Disease – The graduate analyzes the impact of communicable diseases on the health of individuals, families, and communities in a global environment.



Application Of Community Health & Population-Focused Nursing

With the increased mobility of human populations, diseases can quickly spread around the world. In addition, changes in vaccination practices have revealed an increase in communicable diseases that were once thought to be under control. These global health issues present new problems for community health officials.

In this task, you will analyze a recent outbreak of a specific global communicable disease that crossed international borders (e.g., the measles outbreak that moved from the Philippines to the United States).


A. Choose one of the following communicable disease outbreaks that crossed international borders:

• influenza
• measles
• respiratory syndrome coronavirus
• meningococcal disease
1. Describe the chosen outbreak (suggested length of 2–3 pages), including the following information in the description:
• name of the disease
• the countries involved
• the date the outbreak was discovered
• the dates the disease reached each involved country
2. Analyze the epidemiological determinants of the outbreak.
a. Discuss the route of transmission of the disease.
b. Discuss the risk factors involved.
3. Discuss how an outbreak would have affected your community at a systems level (i.e., the functioning of schools, local government, businesses, hospitals) if an outbreak had occurred in your community.
4. Explain what the reporting protocol would be if an outbreak were to occur in your community in the future.
5. Discuss two strategies (e.g., patient education strategies, community education strategies) that you would recommend to prevent an outbreak in your community.
B. Include all in-text citations and references in APA format.

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